About Us

Mcbol - unique resources

New Zealand is known of the last purest land on earth. It owns abundant natural resources, such as marine, forest and plant resource, also has well developed dairy, bee, agriculture and farming industries. Mcbol' global develop is based on unique New Zealand resources.

Mcbol - advanced nutritional science

Mcbol owns its nutrition research centre, which is an important foundation to keep the advance research and raw material to be used in its products. The investment in science and nutrition is a vital part for Mcbol. For the next few years, the nutrition research team will focus on plant nutrition and its clinical research.

Mcbol - strict health & safety and quality management systems

From raw materials purchase, manufacture to logistic processes, Mcbol' products are strictly follow Risk Management Program(RMP) which includes HACCP critical risk points and quality control. Every Mcbol product has our high standard guarantee.

Mcbol - based on local, service worldwide

Mcbol is based on New Zealandresources and combined with other countries' resources to provide best quality nutrition and health service. Mcbol' product is available on Auckland City Pharmacy, Kiwi souvenirs shops and Newton Pharmacy etc in New Zealand as well as Nepstar Chain Drugstore, LBX Pharmacy, Friendship Store and a number of other pharmacies and stores. The next step is to expand Mcbol' sale to Japan, Korean, India, North America, Middle East and South East Asian markets.

Mcbol - professional management of health, improve quality of life

Mcbol will set up a service centre in each country which Mcbol' products are sell to provide comprehensive and personalized health advices and health management solutions. Helping customer with better nutrition for their body and improve lifestyle.

Mcbol - yourhealth and beauty are our mission

Mcbol' mission is to bring health and beauty to every customer and improve their quality of life. Mcbol commit to bring health and beauty to everyone worldwide and sincerely invite you to share this health and beauty commitment.

Industry positioning - technology leader in health products

Market philosophy - products service customers, customers make profits, profits improve technology, technology change products Product concept - unlimited technology, unlimited quality Customer's philosophy - provide customers with the best products of technology and health services Core values - open, respect, innovate, positive Corporate mission - healthy living for everyone, better quality of life

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